Statement of Work

Za Kikwetu is a company founded more than 20 years ago by the actor Packson Ngugi. Packson is a seasoned actor whose acting career started in the early nineties performing on stage, later TV and radio commercials and programs.

Our History

Build the best product that creates the most value for our customers, use business to inspire and implement environmentally friendly solutions.Packson also had a role as a mortuary attendant, in the memorable film, ‘The Constant Gardener’ among other films. He co-hosted the popular OMO – PICK – A – BOX game show in 2001. In 2006, he was again the host of Safaricom’s “Thirty Millionaires in Thirty Days” TV show. 


The advertising industry is inseparable with performing arts, and so as media space expanded in the late 90s and onto the 2000s, Packson – himself an active member the Kenyan acting fraternity – saw the opportunity of becoming a talent scout and mentor bridging the gap between actors and the various advertising agencies and companies in Nairobi. Za Kikwetu Casting agency was founded. 


Having acquired the necessary hands-on expertise in casting, mentoring, directing, producing ads, he together with partners, registered Za Kikwetu Productions Ltd in 2004. 


Later in 2010, they opened a fully equipped state – of – the – art studio offering the much-needed services of pre and postproduction of audio and visual works.  

Za Kikwetu has grown to be a Production House of choice for Kenyan and international clients partnering and collaborating with companies and agencies like Safaricom PLC, Wpp – Scangroup ( Scanad Ltd and Ogilvy Africa, Squad Digital, J W Thompson), The Redhouse Group Ltd, Transcend Media, Intertalent (Pty) ltd, South Africa, Flame Media Works (Nigeria), Sidekick Ltd (Philippines), Asap Film Ltd (Egypt) and many others. 
The Za Kikwetu team, comprised of highly skilled producers, directors, sound engineers, editors, translators and maintaining an unparalleled talent bank, ensures that your brief is executed in a thoughtful, concise, and professional manner and delivered on time, without compromising on quality. 
Our audio work involves radio commercials and infomercials, radio drama, documentaries, creation of music jingles and scores. 
Our visual work has seen us involved in TV commercials and documentaries, TV drama, infomercials and more. 
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