Radio Ads

A great TV ad is a matter of budget, a great radio ad is a matter of skill

Radio rules the airwaves and to stand

out you must craft something special.

With an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, we can help you set up surveys, polls, appointment reminders, payments.

The future of audio is podcasts

If a picture is worth a thousand words how much is a film worth?

A jingle can make or break a product and our jingle creators have made more than most. 

Za Kikwetu is proud to have mentored some of the best voice actors, TV artists and models in the market. 

Dubbing is about having the suitable cast for voice performance. A cast able to match and lip sync the new language to the original seamlessly. 

An idea is a good thing, but execution makes it great

Our videography unit has been involved in projects as diverse as TV soaps, live event coverage, documentaries, TV ads films and music videos.

We offer and facilitate translation services for local and international clients. 

social media talent who can help you manage your social media presence. 

IVR Services

“With an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, we can help you can set up surveys, polls, appointment reminders, payments, and more for inbound or outbound uses, all the while sounding professional and concise.

About Us

Za Kikwetu means where we come from. It is a celebration of the proud customs of Africa and especially embraces the one tradition that cuts across all the communities in the country…the oral art of storytelling. This rich tradition spawned an agency that promotes local talent in everything from performing arts to radio production.
But let’s start at the beginning…

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